Saturday, 4 July 2009

Jack Penate - itunes festival, camden

Blimey, twice in a month!
itunes are doing a a series of gigs at the Camden roundhouse, featuring a different band each night. The tickets are free and Jack happened to be playing just before i leave for my holiday, and also my 18th!
I took Jessie as my plus one and met her at Paddington. My train was over an hour late, which was really annoying :\ We got the tube to chalk farm around 7 and walked straight in and got 10 free itune downloads which was nice of them. Then venue is a big circle and was really cool. We managed to stand about two people from the front slightly to the right and had a great view of the stage, which was set back from the crowd.
I didn't really like the support band 'Golden Silvers' they had a few cool songs but they mostly sounded the same and used the keyboards way TOO MUCH!

Jack finally came on he was brilliant. The crowd wasn't as good as the thekla crowd, as most people didn't seem to know Jack's new stuff. Me and jessie danced loads and Jack looked our way a few times, mostly because we were the only ones waving around to his new stuff! I think it was during Pull My Heart Away, i was the only on in my area singing, and Jack looked right at me for ages! Right after the song he said it was lovely to see people singing to his new stuff, WHICH WAS ME! Kid Harpoon came out and sang 'Give Yourself Away', he was pretty good. Anyway overall fab night and managed to catch the last train home. Can't wait to see it on TV and to buy it on itunes.

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