Sunday, 30 August 2009

Reading Festival

Reading Festival Saturday 29th Aug 2009

I went up for the day with Chrissy this year, I learned my lesson from last time and we got the shuttle boat to the festival! Really lovely day and the weather was perfect too.

Dinosaur Pile-Up

We weren't familiar with this band before Sat, and just went to watch to fill time. They were pretty good and i enjoyed their set. They played rocky stuff, which went down well at Reading.


Brody's voice is amazing and we both really liked their set, even if the crowd was a little dead.

Ha I know, busted?! Despite laughing about the band they were really good! They were quite heavy and Charlie has a good voice, so we had fun. They started a few decent pits as well.

Enter Shikari acoustic

This was a nice surprise on the BBC introducing stage, we wandered past and saw a load of people stood in front - more than normal - so we stopped to find Enter Shikari were about to play. They were introduced by Edith Bowman, I didn't see her, only heard. They played three songs - Juggernauts, No sleep and adieu. I really loved the acoustic versions especially 'No Sleep'.

Eagles of Death Metal

I think we missed the first song, but we managed to catch the rest of their set. I love them anyway so it was cool to finally see them play. I was expecting Josh Homme to be on drums but they had they guy from Queens. We later found out that Josh and Dave Grohl were side-stage watching with their kids! Eagles were brilliant and the crowd kept chanting 'Eagles! Eagles!' which was nice. Me and Chrissy had a good dance to most of their songs.

Enter Shikari

The front, where we were, was total chaos! Brilliant though. Pits kept erupting right by me and Chrissy so we had to slide over to the left quite a bit. Really good set, especially loved it when the band told everyone to crowd surf and about 40 people went over the front!

Them Crooked Vultures

The NME tent was too packed for us to actually get in so we watched a few songs from the outside on the screen. Of what i saw they were very good.

You Me at Six

I know a few songs of theirs and they were really fun to watch. Best song was 'Kiss and Tell', the 'Poker Face' cover was cool too.

The Maccabees

We were a little tired at this point so we went and got some cider and watched from outside. I managed to catch my two favourite songs - 'Toothpaste Kisses' and 'Can you give it', so i was happy.

The Prodigy

This was the only let down of the day! We got a good spot quite near to the front, but we didn't even realise they had come on stage it was so quiet! It didn't get any louder and we felt lame dancing to such quiet music so we left! I imagine they were actually good, its just the sound didn't carry at all, and most people in the crowd were yelling 'Turn it up!!'. I was a little sad we didn't catch White Lies instead, who are pure awesome.


When we saw the line up we laughed about seeing Glasvegas again, but as the Prodigy were lame we went and watched them play. We got right on the barrier and had such a good time! We were both surprised we liked their set so much.

Rise Against

This set was in the lock-up tent which is really tiny compared to the other tents. It had a nice atmosphere and Rise Against were great. We had enough room to dance around without getting crushed which was nice as well.

Again we met some lovely people this year and I LOVE Reading!

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