Thursday, 25 June 2009

Jack Penate - Bristol thekla


It seems to be a habit for people to buy me Jack Penate tickets for my birthday! Which is a very,very good thing.

Me, Jessie and Chrissy got the train up to Bristol, got lost, then found the right way and went to the pub to wait for a bit. When we were queuing outside the Thekla, i think it was Chrissy, said ooo was that jack! I didn't believe her, but then he just strolled past in a big black hoodie! We didn't go up to him as hie seemed to be going somewhere.

Got let in around half 7 and waited for a bit. The support act came on, The XX. They were ok for about three songs then they went a bit Glasvegas and sounded the same for the rest of their set.

We managed to be pretty much on the front row, the venue is sooo tiny! Jack came on to 'Everything Is New', which was really cool live,as they had a load of drums. I think he played most of his new stuff, can't think of a new song that he didn't play. Which was fine by me as i think his new album is better than the first! He did play 'Torn on the platform, 'have i been a fool' and 'spit at stars'. He came over to where we were standing loads of times and looked at us quite a bit too. It went crazy when he lept into the crowd at the end of 'Lets all die', he jumped right by me and chrissy! So i managed to ruffle his hair and shove him back on stage, which was fun. Last song he played was 'Tonight's Today' which was great.

At the end of the gig we had to wait for Jessie's dad. So we thought we'd sit by the exit of the Thekla to see if Jack would come out, there was about 20 of us waiting i think. He came out after about 20 mins and signed stuff for everyone, he was really lovely and asked to make sure everyone had got something signed. So me and Chrissy handed over our tickets. At one point he was signing something for someone and he looked right at me, which was very exciting haha. Then he offered to do some photos too, so me and Chrissy had ours taken. I went up first and was such a dork! He was very nice and put his arm around me and had his photo taken, then i took one of him and Chrissy.

Overall a very good night and an amazing birthday present!

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