Monday, 16 February 2009

NME awards tour Bristol - Florence and the machine, White Lies, Friendly Fires and Glasvegas.


Went with Chrissy to the Carling, well now the '02' but i don't like that so i refuse to call it that!
All the pictures and video were taken by chrissy :)
Florence and the machine
She was on first and i was really impressed, her voice was brilliant and powerful. I didn't know many of the songs, but we really enjoyed them anyway. Chrissy has a few pictures and videos so I'll hopefully add those later. Florence was a bit mental, but i liked her dancing! 'Kiss with a fist' and 'Dog days' were my two favourites.
Kiss With a Fist

White Lies
They were my favourite band, every song that they played was awesome. Same as before i only really knew one song, which was a shame as i really want to see them again now i know all their songs. The lead singers voice was gorgeous, really deep and smooth sounding and he was rather cute (!) Best songs were 'To lose my life' and 'farewell to the fairground'. I got the album as soon as i got back, best CD i've heard in a long time. As i know all the songs now i think my 'now' favourites would be 'Price of Love' and 'Unfinished Business'.

Friendly Fires
They were funky, we had fun doing some interesting dancing :S. Florence kept dancing on the side of the stage, and then finally came out and pretty much danced like a ho-bag on the lead singer, which was oddly funny. They were good, just not as good as White lies i thought, some of the songs were a tad random. Best track was 'Skeleton Boy'.

Glasvegas Quite a lot, well all of their songs sounded the same. Not that they were bad songs just a little repetitive. The lights and strobes were cool and they super loud. Best song was 'daddy's Gone' the part when everyone sang along was nice too. I wouldn't go out of my way to see them again.

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