Saturday, 20 December 2008

Twilight - film

Ok so its not a gig, but i don't care. I was so excited for this film, because i love the book.

Overall i enjoyed it and thought it was a good adaption of the book. I just felt it was a little lacking, and for whatever reason i didn't love it completely, i think seeing it again will make me like it more. I had quite low expectations anyway, so i wasn't disappointed or anything. I did definitely sit there with Chrissy smiling the whole time like a complete loser, haha.

One of the main things i had a problem with was Edward's sparkling. I thought it was a huge shame they didn't make more of the meadow scene (what meadow!? they just led on a tiny patch of grass) and when he finally turned around it just looked like he was sweating. Don't get me wrong there is NOTHING wrong with Rob Pattinson's body, the sparkling effects just didn't do him justice. In the book it's described as being really obvious and amazing, but in the film i thought it was way too subtle.
Also i thought the build up of Edward and Bella falling in love was rushed. It was like 'oo i hate you' 'oo no wait i love you now' in 5minutes! Saying that i did love Edward's reaction the first time he 'smells' her, he looked like he was going to throw up which was funny.
One last moan, when Jacob is telling Bella the stories on the beach, they changed it so he doesn't say straight to her 'o yeah they're vampires' Which i thought was a shame because that bit in the book is cool. Whereas in the film she finds out on google...

So what i did like.... I loved all the actors i thought they were great. All of the Cullen's were really well casted, shame they had so few lines.
My favourite scene, I'm not really sure why, is the bit when Edward is trying to save Bella by sucking out James' venom. Rob's song in the background (which is my favourite) really made that scene, i felt a bit teary eyed at that part(!). I liked how they changed it to Carlisle shouting at him to stop, i guess it made it more dramatic compared to him resisting and stopping of his own accord.
Another scene i really liked was the baseball one, muse in the background was awesome. All of the soundtrack was amazing, having robs own songs in there was really cool, i love the black ghost song too. The way they managed to show all the vampires moving all stealthy was cool, especially Alice (Me and chrissy have attempted copying her on the Wii, and failed). The Nomadic vampires were pretty cool too, i love that line Victoria says about having the wicked curve ball.
Also when Edward and Bella walk into school together and everyone stares. Rob in his funky sunnies, i loved it. The prom scene was yummy too, the part at the end, wow. Oo and i liked how they added Victoria watching them, such a lead on for a sequel.

One last point, i loved how they took some quotes straight from the book. I was so excited they kept the heroin line. And they also did a few nice things that only people who read the book would understand - the apple,Stephenie's cameo and Edward smiling when Jessica first talks about him.

I think I'll go see it again and ill probably enjoy more the second time.

EDIT: So i did watch it again, online I'll admit. I liked it a LOT more the second time around. I didn't think the relationship was as rushed as i first thought it was. And all of the things that annoyed me first time around were less annoying this time. I'll definitely be buying it on DVD when it comes out.

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