Sunday, 30 November 2008

Pendulum at the Swindon Oasis

not my picture, from someone 'cool'

Woo! it was brilliant!

Went with Jessie and Chrissy, got the train up to swindon and walked 5 mins to get to the Oasis. I was surprised Pendulum were even playing in swindon! and i had no idea what the venue was going to be like, but i was pleasantly surprised. The hall was pretty big and had all the lighting and huge speakers.

We waited outside for a while, it was freaking cold! Once we finally got in we walked straight into the hall and stood a few rows from the front slightly to the right side. The support act was two random DJ's they were ok for like 15 mins, but then they went on for way over half an hour. Some songs they did were cool (rage) but the rest was lost on me. After they finally left Pendulum came on pretty quick after. I can't remember the setlist too well, but they played all my favourites (granite,different..) and some oldies too. Once they came on everyone went mental and started raving away, which was fun to be in. Some nobberts attemted to start a pit but it sucked a bit seeing as there was like three people in it! So it was a brill night, and im left sore all over today!

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ChrissyHarrison-x said...

go pendulum they were awesome,
i done a blog about photoshop shiz, since im on it quite a lot might as well make a blog about it lol: