Sunday, 9 November 2008

Linkin Park at Nottingham


Yaaay! I was so excited to go to this gig. I went with Dad up to Nottingham, i was a bit worried our seats wouldn't be very good - but we could see everything!

Biffy Clyro came on first and were really good, i enjoyed their set and knew quite a few songs.

LP had a huge white 'kabooki' (i know thats not how you spell it, but i can't be bothered to find out) which casted their shadows all big and funky. They came on with 'What I've Done', in itself is an amazing song but not a really strong opening song in my opinion. Again i met some lovely people so we were dancing and singing together. I think my highlight was 'Bleed It Out', which surprised me because i wasen't a huge fan of that song before. Also 'A Place For My Head' was really exciting because they hadn't played that in a while - "you tried to take the best of me - GO AWAY!!!" ahh heaven. 'My December' was a nice surprise as well, Chester was incredible on that.

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