Sunday, 9 November 2008

Linkin Park at Projekt Revolution

Projekt Revolution, its Linkin parks summer tour that they usually just do in the States but they brought it here for a one-off special show.
We left about 9am to go to milton keynes bowl, took about two hours to get there. The longest part was trying to find parking and then queing to be bag checked. Finally got in about 1pm sadly i was too late to get a golden circle band, but i wasen't too fussed. Grabbed some food and headed up onto the hill to sit and much away. First band on was Innerpartysystem, they were ok, i can see that they would be better on CD.
After them it was the Bravery, they were shizz. The blokes voice was terrible and off, so i wasn't impressed by them at all. Next along the line-up it was Enter Shikari, they were alright i suppose, couldn't really understand what he was yelling about and his screaming was crapola compared to the likes of Chester. The drummer was pretty annoying, running around like a right spud - i wanted to ask him to sit down!

Next N*E*R*D came on, i was a bit sceptical about them and expected them to be shizz but i was really impressed! Played a few songs i knew and kept the crowd going really well.
Pendulum were next along, i wasn't as impressed by them compared to when i saw them in Bristol. But still pretty good.
Second to last was Jay-z, i watched him the night before on glasto and he was amazing. So i was expecting a lot.. and i was not disappointed wow, he was sooo good. Loved the part when he rapped over the Prodigy, that was awesome.
Between jay and LP people got bored so everyone started a bottle war, which was pretty funny until we got covered in beer about 5 times!

So! the main event...linkin park! They came on about 9pm. all the lights went up and a new intro to One Step Closer started, everyone was really pumped clapping and yelling. Then one by one LP emerged out! As soon as the main riff kicked in everyone went mental jumping and moshing.
After what felt like 5 minutes they went off, we all knew they'd come back so the chanting started...WE WANT MORE!! so they came back out played some more then left us again! Most of us knew well enough it wasn't the last encore so started yelling again, then finally Chester runs out yelling "YOU WANT MORE LP?" *cheers* "YOU WANT MORE JAY-Z?" *louder cheers* "HOW ABOUT FUCKING BOTH?" *even louder cheers* then boom jay-z strolls out and they go into numb/encore! It was so much fun, everyone was singing along and going mad. Jay left the stage then then ended with Bleed It Out, which was so awesome, i felt like the ground was shaking because about 60,000 people were stomping and clapping away. Best bit was the whole sing-a-long part, i was on Mikes side, yelling "ooooo ooo!" Then all of a sudden they were finished! Can't believe Ive seen them now for the third time, its definatly not enough! So I'm just going to have to wait until they're back! 1000/10 for LP

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