Sunday, 9 November 2008

Linkin Park at the Astoria


Best gig i've ever been to, EVER!

First reason why was that i was lucky enough to get a meet and greet, which meant i could go and actually meet the band face-to-face. Which is amazing on its own. Went up on the train with my mum, she didn't have a M&G pass so she had to go off into another line. It was cool because i met some really great people in the queue, who im still friends with after over a year. So we waited for a while, then we got let into the Astoria and got given stickers to get into the M&G. Ran down a few stairs into a small room with a stage at the back. I was expecting to go into another room to meet them so i was caught completely off guard when the band just walked onto the stage! Everyone went crazy yelling and taking pictures. Joe was the last to walk out, messing around posing for pictures on the stage :) The first lot of people went through then it was my turn!

Pheonix was the first on the table,so i handed over my Hybrid Theory cover and said hey. He was really cool, he started talking about football it surprised me he knew about it, so i was a bit lost for anything normal to say! Next along was Mike, it was just unbelieveable to meet him, i kind of stared at him for a second then tried to pull it together and gave him a probably manic smile! Then said something about my art (i used him as my artist in GCSE) After mike it was Rob and Brad, my album cover had already been passed along so i had a second with me just standing like a moron in front of them, i said hey and they smiled and thankfully they said hi back!

Then it was chester, to be totally honest it meant the most when i met him, i love the rest of the band but chester is what got me into them and i just think he's lovely. I half expected him to be small and scrawny in real life, but he was so gorgeous! So i tried to take in the "moment" and gave a half sane smile and said hi, to my amazement he didnt call for security but reached out and shook my hand! Being pretty shocked at the whole thing i asked him if he wouldnt mind if i took a photo, but really really REALLY politely- i think i said please about a million times!
so that was that, joe was sort of busy posing for a photo and the guy was trying to get me away (ha!) so i said hi and had to run off, after i think i ran up the stairs and yelled " OH MY GOD!!!"

So the actual show:
We ran out into the main pit area and stood around there for a bit, at that point i had forgot about my mum so i called her up to try and find her. It was a tiny venue only like 2000 people and i was already freaking hot so i left and went up onto the balcony which had a way better view of the stage. Waited for around an hour then the lights went out and Joe came on and started Scratching his decks, the riff of one step closer keep banging out then the whole band came on and played OSC, you can imagine how mental the whole place went!

set list was:
One Step Closer Lying From You Somewhere I Belong No More Sorrow Given Up Papercut Don't Stay From The Inside Numb Pushing Me Away Breaking The Habit What I've Done Crawling In The End Faint

They were beyond amazing and chester had superman pants on which he showed to us all, which was nice of him.

Good night overall i think

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