Thursday, 8 March 2012

Ron Pope

We definitely did not purchase tickets to see Ron Pope after reading and update from Caggie Dunlop saying that she was the support act.

 Now that's sorted, I went along to the Bodega with Eeva to A) See what the fuss is about Caggie and B) potentially enjoy seeing Ron Pope despite us knowing the grand total of 4 songs of his between us.

 On our arrival a poster stated to us that 'Made in Chelsea' was being filmed there that night. This amused us greatly and and I must admit to secretly wanting to be on the show, for humorous reasons only I promise. By the time we were let in Caggie was already well into her acoustic set. We caught the end of her covering Jessie J's 'Do it like a dude', which was not as embarrassing as it sounds. I thought she had a good voice, not perhaps great enough for another venture to see her live or to listen to an entire album, but still a nice enough voice.

After her departure from the stage every girl with a bun and a blouse on in the room surged forward to go and get a picture with Caggie and perhaps discuss the pro's of denim. Awkwardly she rooted her photographing area right in front of the bathrooms, this became an awkward situation as me and Eeva wished to use said facilities. After much effort we managed to elbow our way through the throng of Caggie wannabes and I incidentally elbowed the singer herself, from what could be deduced she seemed to be nothing but polite and friendly to everyone around her. So well done Caggie.

We found a spot perched on the edge of the tiny Bodega stage waiting for Ron Pope to arrive. Having no idea what he looked like, I did not realise it was him pushing past me to get on stage until he started singing, and the adoring 13 year-olds front and centre took continuous photos and videos of his entire set. Overall I though he was good, a little whiny and dare I say American for me (he thought Nottingham was a mythical place like Narnia, honestly), but enjoyable none the less.

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