Monday, 30 August 2010

Reading Festival 2010 - Friday

Me, Katie and Naomi went as first time campers this year. Getting there was fine, our biggest pain was getting up our tent. It took 8 people well over an hour to get the damn thing up. Once we got the tent sorted it started to rain, and that's where our troubles began! The mud began to get really bad but we stuck it out for a night, until our tent flooded so we made the decision to drive home every night. This was a bit of a nightmare but it was made worth it by the bands. We camped in purple where the rest of Chippenham holed up as well.

Friday -

* Frankie and the Heartstrings -

We'd never heard of them before, and I can see why! Did not enjoy their set at all. the lead singer was very annoying and slightly camp. The songs were all over the place and the set didn't flow very well.

* Young Guns (acoustic) -

We caught the end of their main stage set which was really good, then later on we caught them doing an acoustic set on the BBC introducing stage. They did a brilliant cover of Ellie Goulidngs 'The Writer'

* A Day to Remember -

Angsty band, which I enjoyed!

* Billy Talent -

Really good set and kept the crowd happy.

* The Big Pink
* Lostprophets -

For some reason Ian seemed pissed at the crowd and they in return didn't respond very well to their set. The songs were good, Ian's voice just isn't very strong.

* Biffy Clyro -

Loved this set, got a bit emotional when they played 'Many of Horror'....uni memories!

* Mumford and Sons -

Best band of the day. I've never seen the NME tent to rammed when it wasn't a headliner playing. The girls sat outside, but I couldn't resist and ran into the huge crowd. Fortunately I met some nice guys who looked after me during their set.

I should also mention we waited for Guns and Roses for over half an hour, then we gave up. I found out later they only bothered to come on stage an hour and a half late, not cool! When I watched them on the BBC coverage Axl Rose was just embarrassing.

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