Friday, 2 July 2010


23rd-28th June 2010

Me and Emily went to work this years Glasto with 'Specialized Security'. Basically they're the people who secure all the main areas like the Pyramid stage and so on. When we got there we waited outside the main gate to get let in for a while. Finally someone from the security came and got us and took us into their compound. We were pretty nervous when we first stepped in as me and Emily stood out like sore thumbs! Put it this way everyone else there either had no teeth or were huge burly blokes. Once we got our rooms we settled down and got woken up at 6.30am the next day. This was a horrific start for me as 12pm is a poor lay-in for me. We tramped to the catering tent and met some surprisingly nice people. All the girls got bunched together as there were so few of us. Then we were given our positions for the weekend. Me and Emily got put in the 'Orange Tent', a place for people to charge their phones. This concept was lost on me as I assumed a festival was about seeing some bands not ringing your mate Dave at home?! Anyway we were given some truly delightful orange polo shirts to wear, just in case we couldn't quite be marked out as security they gave us some lovely baseball hats too.

Our jobs were extremely dull as it mostly involved standing at a gate alone checking peoples bands in the sun. It was all made worth it though as we got to see some amazing bands and luckily worked with a bunch of really cool people who were lovely to us. One of the best parts of our tent was that it had a mini pyramid stage which hosted some surprise bands.

Friday -

Ellie Goulding - She was the first person we had heard of that played in our tent. She was amazing and it was great as I just hid at the back and watched her set.

Newton Fawlkner - He was really good, he's also a very nice man in person. I chatted to him for a while after his set. The crowd, small as they were, didn't let him go for ages as he was so good. My favourite part was his cover of Blacksteet's 'No Diggity'. It just goes to show a white man with ginger dreads can have soul!

Lissie- Never heard of them before but really enjoyed their set. The crowd wouldn't let them go either.

Gorillaz- We just caught the start of their set. They were pretty good, some of their set was a bit random and the crowd didn't really know some of the songs. When they got to their main songs it was great, especially when Snoop Dogg came out!


Tine Tempah- Me and Emily were excited to see him as his songs are pretty much our uni anthems. When he came on we stood at the front and danced, as casually as we could. He was great and I smiled at him as he swanned off into the VIP area.

Muse- They were stupidly good. Too good. Well not too good just immense. Saw all of their set and it was flawless. When the Edge came out to play 'Where the streets have no name' it was insane. I was super happy when they played 'Map of the Problematique' which is my favourite Muse song. Matt Bellamy is beautiful.

Sunday -
We Are Scientists- Our supervisor was amazing and let us run off and watch them play. They were as good as they were the last time I saw them, if not better. I was pleased Emily enjoyed them too as I bang on about them so much! We managed to get ourselves on camera a few times too.

Glastonbury was beautiful, if not hard work but it was worth it.

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