Friday, 2 April 2010

Robots In Disguise


Me and Chrissy have been fans of the Robots for a while, we found them through the Mighty Boosh. The gig was upstairs in the Carling in the tiny bar bit. The Robots weren't scheduled to be on for ages so we got a few pints in before....which were bloody expensive!! Blimey, it was about £3.80 for a cider, which is RIDICULOUS!

The first band on, 123 and In, were pretty good. They weren't particularly original, as their stuff reminded me a lot of YouMeAtSix and a little of Enter Shikari. But they were enjoyable all the same.

Scream Club were on next and were brilliant, in a weird European electronic way. They were so obviously from Europe (we later found out that their German..) as they tried a little too hard to be 'cool' but it kind of worked in a cool geeky type manner.

When the Robots came on finally, they were good. Not the best band I've ever seen as they were a bit all over the place, but good fun to see with Chrissy. Best song was 'Wake up' and 'The Sex has mad me stupid', shame they didn't play arguments.

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hollieanne said...

I interviewed them once for a magazine interview- VERY cool people :)

Hollie-Anne xx