Sunday, 25 October 2009

Jack Penate - Nottingham


Jack played in my SU bar which is amazing as I live literally over the road. Went with Aneesh and managed to stand bang in the middle on the front row.

The support act were bizarre, but we enjoyed them all the same. I think their name was Theoplis London, or something similar. They were from New York and played hip-hop, rnb stuff. The lead singer was insane and kept licking his lips at me and Neesh!

Jack was amazing as usual, he came on with 'Everything is new'. He played an accapella version of 'Learning Lines' which was cool and he played my favourite 'Pull my heart away'. He spat his beer out into the crowd at some point and managed to hit me square in the face, cheers for that Jack. The best part was during 'Tonight's Today' he came and stood literally right in front of me, so I gave him a huge hug...then he crowd surfed right onto my head! It was immense. Sadly we didn't meet him after as security were a bunch of bastards, but we still love Jack!

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