Friday, 1 July 2011

Take That


Mother Swales surprised me with tickets to go see Take That, honestly we went because Robbie was there. Controversial, but still we've both been a bit sad about Robbie Williams for many years.

To my dismay I found out that The Pet Shop Boys were the support act, not one of my favourite bands. Their set was bearable, well just about. I'm not ashamed to say I only enjoyed 'West End Girls'. There's only so much camp pop and men dancing with cubes on their head you can take to be honest.

Take That came onto the stage as a foursome to start with, which meant a lot of puzzled looks between me and my mum and a few whispers of 'WHERES ROBBIE?!??' sad but true. They opened with 'Rule The World', then went on to sing a few more songs they recorded before Robbie had rejoined Take That. After this the lights fell dark again and the first few notes of 'Let Me Entertain You' rang out, this caused mass hysteria with the crowd dominated by (intoxicated) middle aged women. As soon as Robbie came out the whole venue went crazy. He did a handful of his best songs from his solo career, I probably shouldn't have this opinion, but for me it was the best part of the night. After this slight indulgence from Robbie, the band came out as they currently stand today, five members. They put on an amazing show, using a huge metal human as a big part of their stage show. There were people throwing fire around, a huge waterfall and people flinging all over the stadium. I enjoyed the show more than I should have, and joined the middle aged women in cheering on a group of middle aged men doing some dodgy dancing.

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