Friday, 15 July 2011

Glastonbury 2011

Back again for another year of working with security. This year I went with Carmen, another festival virgin. Apparently I want to corrupt all of my close friends with cider and music. No complaints so far though!

We went up on the Wednesday again and started work on the Thursday. As soon as we had got all our wristbands sorted we went off to explore the festival. We had a good wonder around, as best as we could the mud was already insanely deep and impossible to walk in. Our goal was a cider and then to watch the sunset on the hill, which was one of the best bits from last year so I really wanted to see it again. I was a little sad as the day was really cloudy and any decent sunset was out of the question. I swear Glastonbury is magic, as soon as we sat down on the hill the clouds broke and we watched a perfect sunset. Carmen was pretty speechless at the view, I was glad she was somewhat impressed as that part is so special to me.

Our alarms were set for a somewhat alien time of 6.30am, this is coming from the girl who considers 12pm a poor lay-in. After a lot of blindly stumbling around attempting to get ready we ambled off to the catering tent to find out what our positions were this year. Thankfully no orange tent for us this year! I was positioned right behind the Pyramid stage and Carmen was a minute down the road by the press tent. This meant I saw a lot of bands and 'entourages' going on and off the stage, which was pretty cool. I think my best spot of the weekend was Jay-Z, who might actually be the coolest man on earth. Another cool person was Chris Martin, surprisingly he was really lovely to me and polite, unlike Plan-B who was a total princess. I didn't particularly enjoy his manager shouting in my face about his issue with walking an extra few metres and through a tiny bit of mud. I learned that no matter how big a bloke is, they are all little girls about mud!

On the Saturday night we caught most of the Chemical Brothers set, which was incredible to watch. The light show was memorising, I was very happy when they played 'Hey Boy, Hey Girl,' We went off to see Professor Green afterwards, who I loved when I saw him at Beach Break and again he was great at Glasto.

Sunday's line-up caused us a bit of a dilemma, Beyonce or Queens? I knew that Beyonce's set would be incredible and very big and sparkly, but having been a Queens fan for so long I don't think I could have lived with myself if I opted for Beyonce over them. So we watched them play and they thrashed through a beautifully heavy set and to my intense joy they play 'Make it Wit Chu', this confirmed that Josh Homme is a very, very sexy man.

Now I just need to go to Glastonbury in 2013 as a regular festival goer!

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