Sunday, 12 September 2010

Muse at Wembley


Best gig I've ever been to! Everything about it was epic and ridiculous.

They came on with 'Uprising', but before they arrived on stage a whole load of 'protesters' came out to the crowd with banners and flags. When they walked on stage everyone went crazy, being at the front was insane. They played each song to perfection and used Wembley to put on an amazing show. For 'Undisclosed Desires' Dom and Chris came onto a small stage that moved into the crowd then finally up above our heads. Dom's drums were rigged so they came alight after he hit them, which looked amazing in the dark. They played an intro for a few minutes then Matt came back and joined them on the moving stage. I swear Matt looked at me, ha.

The most insane part was during 'Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 1 (Overture)' when a huge 'UFO' came out and slowly crept around the arena. About half way through a woman dressed as an astronautic popped out and began spinning in air, it was really beautiful.

'Knights of Cydonia' was beyond epic. When the last riff kicked it everyone went completely nuts and a huge pit broke out. I think I started the pit I'm not sure!

Such an amazing gig, everything about it was ridiculous and we all loved every second, can't wait to see Muse again.

White Lies were good as usual, although Harry's voice did brake a lot and they played a surprising amount of new material, which was good, but not great for a Muse crowd.

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