Sunday, 9 November 2008

Reading Festival

awesome day.
Anti-Flag- Me: Ok, wasn't very impressed, they were more pop than punk if im honest. When they yelled political stuff at us it annoyed me. We get it you don't like Bush.
Jessie: I liked them, they were American..and punky
Get Cape.Wear, we wern't really paying attention him as we were getting food XD

Blood Red Shoes- very good, inside the tent was fun :D
Dizzee- really fun, shame his stupid trousers were so low (PULL THEM UP!) i thought they'd fallen down at one point because they were so low, haha.
Jessie: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo he was SIK BLUUUUUUUUUUUDDD

Serj Tankian- not very good, his mic was too low and was very odd!
Jessie: he bored me, he was ok in an odd sort of way tho

Biffy Clyro- great, seen them once before. Great band and the set was good.
Jack Penate- aww jack i love him, he was brill and i really liked the new stuff he played. Digged his reggae style dancing :D Can't believe they ripped his shirt off!
Jessie: ahh he was gd, apart frm gettin crushed evry 5mins haha

Fratellis - we were waiting for the loo at this point! Im not a huge fan anyway.

Queens of The Stone Age - really really good, it was dark by this point so everyone was dancing and having a good time.
Jessie: ahhhhhh yessss tht was kllll wiv our druggy buddies

Rage Against The Machine - AMAZING, wow they were so good (shame we had leave early!) They came on in orange boiler suits and bags over their heads, good stuff - opened with Bombtrack then went into Testify. The atmosphere was great for Rage, only went a bit scary when we got crushed! Thankfully we had been with a group of guys that got us out alive!
It wasn't too crazy and most people were lovely, One of the guys we talked to did get pissed on! Ahaa it was quite funny but gross at the same time.
Jessie: yh the atmosphere was ELECTRIFYING haha

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