Sunday, 9 November 2008

Feeder at Colston Hall

Went with both of my brothers, i got them the tickets for birthday presents and thought i might as well go along too!
Got to Bristol early so went for a drink in a random pub, then walked (or ran because it was pissing it down!) to the Colston hall and went to the bar in there for more drinks. Went into the main room around 7.50 to wait for the support band, who were called 'The Chemists'. They were brilliant! Really impressed, they had a Editor vibe but a bit heavier. After they left waited around for a bit for Feeder, i went off and bought a nice tote bag for a fiver. Then they came on and were awesome! Played a really good setlist, mixture from all their albums. Highlight for me was Tracing Lines and Lost+Found.

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